Who will you become?
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TEMPLARS DONT READ THIS ok this ones for the mages. so u know when ur robes sometimes get stuck in doorways OKAY templars arent reading anymore. i’m a blood mage hmu

Delsinsfire’s  video game alphabet

Deus Ex Human Revolution - Adam Jensen


there better be an option in DA keep that lets you tick “femwarden and morrigan were best friends forever” because i need to hear inquisition morrigan talking about her sISTER THE HERO OF FERELDEN

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i take oblivion very seriously


i take oblivion very seriously

Clementine, the very talented artist
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Darling. Whore.


Darling, where are you?
So many ways to hide yourself from me, darling.
I know you’re lonely like I am. Don’t you want love? A family?
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